Humor, heart and an eclectic mix characterize cellist, singer and songwriter Lee Zimmerman. While the traditional role for cello players in pop music is mellow background for the occasional ballad, Lee Zimmerman brings the cello into its own. Classical roots support his stylistic influences from american pop music, swing, jazz and world music. He may surprise you with a 16th century dance tune from the courts of Europe, a jazz number with vocals, or one of his own songs from the heart. He is an innovator both musically and technically and a master of improv, and his music has ben touted as “startling and fresh” by the Missoulian.

Lee has performed with groups of all genres here in the Flathead Valley, and is continually innovating his craft by pushing the limits of what he is capable of musically. His sound strikes a chord with all who listen, and always strikes a vibrant aesthetic no matter what setting he’s performing in.