Born in Seattle Washington into an eclectic family of artists, musicians and engineers, Caitlin Hébert began her artistic career with advanced materials and creative exploration at a young age. Her mother partially used art as a way to keep the wild child occupied and as creative exercise for her home school curriculum. She started painting with Acrylics, seriously and independently at eleven years of age. She began showing work publicly at the age of 17.

Enter the Garden, 24x36, mixed media/acrylic

Enter the Garden, 24×36, mixed media/acrylic

Caitlin has long been an admirer of the poetry of visual art. She prefers to work in intermingling layers, trying not to limit herself or the materials creatively and works with an idea or vibration , allowing them to build and develop organically until the piece is finished. Her work leaves a window of unanswered questions and allows space of movement off the canvas that allows the imagination of the viewer to continue. Each time you look at a piece you will find something new. Her artwork then connects to the viewer as the individual, with the viewer’s own experiences of life attached to the image and what it portrays for them.

Leaving the Building, 46x46, Mixed media/acrylic

Leaving the Building, 46×46, Mixed media/acrylic

With a well structured life of rules, Caitlin has always enjoyed the natural world as specifically lawless in how it is always changing and reforming, keeping man wondering, observing, seeking, searching, misunderstanding, selling their bodies and souls to connect.She finds a similar truth in art with the use of imagination, yet a reality that speaks not necessarily in tangible images but through subtle notes on canvas. She seems to share a language in her art and an affinity with an untold story; a hint of madness, chaos, yet connectedness in sensual beauty and grounding.

The Marriage of Spirit, 50x24, Mixed media/acrylic

The Marriage of Spirit, 50×24, Mixed media/acrylic


Her Bath, 8x10, Mixed media/acrylic

Her Bath, 8×10, Mixed media/acrylic


Yellow Lotus, 24x36, Mixed media/acrylic

Yellow Lotus, 24×36, Mixed media/acrylic