Brenda Ahearn


Photo by Tim Webb


Brenda Ahearn is an award winning photojournalist and currently the senior photographer at the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell, Montana. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post and USA Today. She is also a regular contributor to the Associate Press. Brenda specializes in documentary style photography paying particular attention to natural light and the fleeting moments found in the expressions of her subjects. She specializes in visual storytelling, in news and sports action, in weddings, family photos and music and entertainment photography.

Brenda’s photography style places a premium on natural light, on finding the unique opportunities in each environment and on capturing the authenticity of her subjects. She is well-known in the Flathead for her early morning photography often leaving her home between¬†midnight and 3 a.m.¬†to get to locations for the pre-dawn light. Whether photographing performers, athletes or ordinary people experiencing the quiet moments of life, Brenda is committed to earning the trust of her subjects and documenting them faithfully. She is drawn to expressions and emotions and lives for the challenge of stopping time at the perfect moment, for capturing the “decisive moment.” One of the most sought-after photographers in the valley, Brenda balances her time between working both as a photojournalist and exceptional wedding photographer.

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