20 Grand is a 7 piece group that has been rocking western Montana for over 4 years. The band formed in 2009 when guitarist and musical director Jamie Simpson recruited Vinnie Rannazzisi for drums/vocals/sound engineer and Rebecca Nelson on tenor saxophone/flute. Shortly after this, a horn section developed with Eric Gates on baritone saxophone and Nick Simko on trumpet. The band has also featured other incredibly talented local musicians such as Dan Brua (bass), Chris Arndt (bass), Eric “E Rock” Kanter (vocals), Toby Ferguson (percussion), Kerri Joy (vocals) and Emily Clark (vocals).

The band can be heard on weekends, knocking the roof off the Great Norther Bar, The Craggy Range, the Bierstube, and many other local venues. They can easily rock the party with the funk stylings, but don’t be surprised if you hear some soul, rock, hip hop, ska, go go, and even afro beat mixed into a set. Regardless of their inspiration, they know how to funk, and how to keep you dancing into the night.